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A modernized fresh retelling of the original fairytale by Charles Perrault with references to the culture of Provence and the French language, Miss Puss in Provence is a vivid collage-style picture book for young adults filled with references to the French language, the culture of Provence, food & fashion and fabrics, and all things whimsy. Although inspired by the original fairytale of Charles Perrault, it has a modern message of self-empowerment for the young adult.

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Diana Mathur, author

Puss In Boots in Provence, the classic tale with Madame Coco’s luscious French twist, is the  read-together or enjoy-alone picture book that every generation will want to open again and  again, always discovering something new, and keep on the shelf for generations to come. Between its covers, imagery and icons of life in southern France are captured in rich, whimsical  visual layers. Through love of culture, lyrical storytelling, a few subtle and sophisticated French  lessons, 9 life lessons and a recipe for Galette des Rois, Puss elevates the reader to the  Marvelous. Merci, Madame! 

Eldrid O’Driscoll, mother, doula and opera singer 

My children and I absolutely loved this beautiful book! You just wish you could step through the  pages and into the world Madame Coco so richly imagines, evoking an enchanting atmosphere  and inspiring children and adults alike to never give up on their dreams and passions.  Beautifully written and illustrated, it is a must read for anyone who loves France, anyone who  needs some beautiful inspiration and anyone who is a child or has a child deep inside:)! Highly recommended! 

Amazon Customer 

This whimsical and imaginative fairytale takes the reader-- children and parents alike-- into a  festive and delicious world where they are introduced to French language, art, and culture, with  insightful life lessons from Mademoiselle Puss to top it all off! Anyone looking to plunge into a  delightful, kaleidoscopic, collage universe filled with the vibrant colors of French culture and  enhanced with timeless spiritual wisdom will absolutely love it. Bonne dégustation, et bon  voyage! 

Sam Najah 

Our whole family LOVES this sweet fairy tale that is written more like a fable with beautifully  illustrated scenes and poetic text. A wonderfully new and refreshing perspective with a  legendary cat that takes one on delightful sensory romp through Provence and teaches some  French along the way. Great for all ages! 

Jack Heller, theater director: 

I was absolutely ravenous after reading the book, and the illustrations were beautiful... 

Brian in LA 

This book is a feast for the eyes! A charming children's book for children of all ages. Highly  recommended! 

Cheri Adrian 

This looks beautiful, and the writing is luscious!

Rabbi Laura Owens: 

Mademoiselle Puss in Provence is extraordinary - beautiful, whimsical, educational, artistic,  touching, funny, and totally original!! 

Congratulations - mazel tov- Kol ha kavod - you have created something truly unique and  magnifique!” 


Provence, you will love yourself through the eyes of this enchanting author, Coco Mary.  

Tia Matza, mother, aerialist & actress: 

Your book is absolutely magnificent !!! The images are truly unique and amazing I've never seen  anything like it. My boys and I really enjoyed reading the story last night. 

Diana Wyatt Green: 

How absolutely beautiful. Simple. Elegant. ❤ 

Diana M. 

Life is much sweeter with some Provençale magique and Madame Coco is the one who knows  how to bring it.


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