New Release!

Coco Mary’s new book is here!
Notre Jeune Dame de Paris

What better excuse to visit Paris, than to take photos for your new children’s picture book! The added thrill … I had not visited Paris in 28 years!

However, the last time I was there, I lived there for 4 ½ hellish years. I was afraid to go back. The memories of the trauma were still very real.

But now, I was different, older, more grounded and mature, had more money, and mostly, had a divine romantic husband to share Paris with.

We arrived on January 14th. It was cold and stark and grey, with few tourists, just like I wanted it. Best time to take pictures. Best time to get lost in the labyrinth of age-old cobbled streets, holding my lover’s hand. Bundled up, we went for it!

It really helped to not be in survival this time around.
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