Coco Mary makes eclectic, vibrant and sophisticated collage-style picture books

for children 9 to 99

Modern adapted fairytales and original stories are told in lyrical, poetic language, featuring foreign languages and cultures. The pictures invite us into magical earthy worlds with real people, elements from nature and handmade objets d’art.

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BUD : A Druid Magic Course
For teenagers and young adults 15 and up. All genders and sexual orientations welcome. Everyone is screened for suitability. Respect is key.

This 6-week course is online with live Zoom sessions once-per-week with Druid: Coco Mary

In this course:
You will learn the secrets of your animal body.
You will do rituals with the planets and the moon.
You will learn to make powerful protective amulets and talismans.
You will learn how to visualize what you want.
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Client Reviews

Magical Book!
Our Young Lady of Paris is an enthralling book that held me spellbound through Agnes’s day-long journey in Paris. Rockstar clothes, metaphysical questings, and vivid collages of Paris as seen through the eyes of a cool teenage philosophe, it will fascinate teenagers and indeed adults, introducing Anglophones to Paris and Francophones to English. Really loved this!

– Our Young Lady of Paris

Wendy Field, France

Coco’s “Hansel and Gretel” stole my heart from the first page. The opening line “…where children forgot their shoes at each other’s homes” transported me back to childhood, where I remained for the rest of the story. It’s a rarity to find children’s books to delight both the reader and the kids, and this one is an absolute treasure. The whimsy of the words and images feels effortless, like an easy outpouring from Coco’s magical soul. My kids and I will enjoy reading it for years to come!

– Hansel and Gretel

Jessie Mcknight, California

Wow, I really enjoyed Our Young Lady of Paris. I got so into the book I burned my rice. 🤣 Really beautiful. I also like the back pages where you explain everything. Insightful. Congratulations on a beautiful book.

– Our Young Lady of Paris

Yvette PIX Blignaut, South Africa

A glorious gem of a book!
This book is magic, a truly unique creation. I was astonished, uplifted and deeply moved. It is beautiful to look at and inspiring to read. This book may be intended for children and young adults but this senior citizen absolutely loved it.

– Our Young Lady of Paris

Diana Green, Los Angeles

Mademoiselle Puss in Provence is extraordinary – beautiful, whimsical, educational, artistic, touching, funny, and totally original!! Congratulations – mazel tov- Kol ha kavod – you have created something truly unique and magnifique!
Rabbi Laura Owens

Your book is absolutely magnificent !!! The images are truly unique and amazing, I’ve never seen anything like it. My boys and I really enjoyed reading the story last night.
Tia Matza

Coco Mary’s latest literary effort takes whimsy and fantasy to the max in her third children’s book – Hansel and Gretel, a foodie tale. It is awash in colorful collages, originals designed by the author, that will entertain children with an abundance of visual food for thought and discovery. There is so much detail in the pictures that child and parent would talk as much about the visual story as they would be reading and learning the words. Coco introduces a foreign language in each book, and in this case, German, seeing as the story of Hansel and Gretel is of German origin. The back cover, meant to spark interest, says, “They loved the footpath behind their house. It led to a surprising place”. And so it will for years to come.
The Canyon Chronicle, Topanga

Mademoiselle Puss in Provence, the classic tale with Madame Coco’s luscious French twist, is the read-together or enjoy-alone picture book that every generation will want to open again and again, always discovering something new, and keep on the shelf for generations to come. Between its covers, imagery and icons of life in southern France are captured in rich, whimsical visual layers. Through love of culture, lyrical storytelling, a few subtle and sophisticated French lessons, 9 life lessons and a recipe for Galette des Rois, Mademoiselle Puss elevates the reader to the Marvelous. Merci, Madame!
Diana Mathur, mother, author.

My children and I absolutely loved this beautiful book! You just wish you could step through the pages and into the world Madame Coco so richly imagines, evoking an enchanting atmosphere and inspiring children and adults alike to never give up on their dreams and passions. Beautifully written and illustrated, it is a must-read for anyone who loves France, anyone who needs some beautiful inspiration and anyone who is a child or has a child deep inside:)!
Highly recommended!
Eldrid O’Driscoll, mother, doula and opera singer.

This whimsical and imaginative fairytale takes the reader– children and parents alike– into a festive and delicious world where they are introduced to French language, art, and culture, with insightful life lessons from Mademoiselle Puss to top it all off! Anyone looking to plunge into a delightful, kaleidoscopic, collage universe filled with the vibrant colors of French culture and enhanced with timeless spiritual wisdom will absolutely love it. Bonne dĂ©gustation, et bon voyage!
Amazon Customer.

Provence, you will love yourself through the eyes of this enchanting author, Coco Mary.


I am a school teacher, and have read my fair share of children’s books. This book is so original. It reads like a magazine for children, but has a storyline. As a lover of all things African, there were so many cultural visual references that it made my head spin. I have to warn, though. This book is not for younger children. I would say at least 8 years and up, because of the traumatic incident that occurs. But I commend the author for healing the trauma in such a magical way!
Catherine McCormack.