Hello my Fellow Magical Young Ones,

I have taught people like you for almost three decades. I have taught globally, in Paris, Israel, Egypt, the Bedouins in the desert, South Africa, and Los Angeles. I have been lucky to get to meet so many young people all over the world.

I am also a picture book writer & creator, and you can peruse the BOOKS section on this website to have a look at my books.

I am a Druid witch with a long Celtic lineage. The Druids of long ago worked with, and in Nature. They listened to trees, they spoke to flowers, they made potions with plants, they consulted with the stars, and they believed in fairies (the fey), goblins and elves. I certainly practice and believe in all of the above, but I am eclectic in that I have added other magic practices to my life: Hermetic and Hebrew Kaballah magic, ancient Buddhist and Hindu practices and Alchemy by Saint Germain.

In my sessions, we get real and we get vulnerable. Many of you are shy, and you are welcome to not be on screen, or if in person, to just observe and not participate. I do not force anyone to do what they do not feel comfortable doing.

How does a zoom session work? I say hello, I introduce the topic of the day, then I set circle with a candle, incense and a musical journey, which puts you in the right state of mind, to receive the Work. (We all bring our candles and incense). Then, I give my presentation with screen images and such. Questions from you, follow. We close circle. I send you a PDF of my presentation.

How does a Feast Gathering work? You bring your pillow and blanket, a notebook and a candle, and whatever I have asked you to bring. We all settle in. We do our musical journey meditation, followed by a hands-on making and crafting of our ritual objects. Then we do the ritual. Followed by the Feast – all in the circle. We break circle, and we’re free to socialize before we depart.

After sessions, you get an email with instructions for your daily rituals and witch work. Feel free to always email me with questions. I am here for you.

Peace and Love,
Coco Mary


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