Hello Readers!

QUEEN MAUREEN is in development. This picture book is sassy, sexy, dreamy, naughty and totally wild! And who is Maureen? My mother. In her heyday she was all of the above.

This book is a love letter to her. And to me.

She has complained about my unbrushed hair; ever since I was a small child. I am now quite a bit older, and she still complains almost every day (she lives with my husband and I).

QUEEN MAUREEN is also a story for all mothers who don’t quite get their weird children, and for mothers who try to control or fashion their children in their own liking.

My mother and I are very different people. VERY. But we connect through the heart. She is a total Libra and I am a Sag with an Aquarius moon. Libra is love, Sag is free- spirited and Aquarius is the charismatic rebel. We get each other.

Except for my hair!
This book has a huge revelation! Maybe my mother will get me then.

In the meantime, the fun shooting of the main character went down this week-end. It was a party and a love fest in the name of all things rebel and free. Our lovely young lady who plays SASSY, was a joy to work with. Her name is Julia Passoja, and she looks just like a young Jane Birkin/hippy from San Francisco.
Because this is where I have placed the story. I love San Francisco and it gives me a wonderful excuse to travel there and to try and capture the spirit of the place.

One thing that is becoming clear, is that the book will feature a lot of roses. As I said, a love letter to my mom …

Stay tuned for pictures of it all on our IG and FB platforms. Without further ado, here is SASSY!

Peace and Love,
Coco Mary


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