The magic of perseverance … oh my goodness.

I had always hated that the witch in the original story of the Brothers Grimm was dark and mean. I wanted to set the witch free! I wanted to set the witch in me free!

So, I started this project in 2015. The writing came in one night, but the rest took over five years. This was a tough witch to set free. I started and stopped many times. So many distractions, so many loopholes, one rollercoaster after the other. Curses and calamity flying at me. In 2o2o, the world changed forever, and absolutely anything could happen. So I decided that the one crazy thing that will happen, is that this witch will be set free!

The magic-making of the images, is what kept me going through some pretty dark days. Hansel and Gretel took me by the hand every day, and showed me wondrous things. Cobalt-blue dragonflies, flowers against the hill that looked like paper with the light shining through, trees that talked to me. Hansel and Gretel looked deep into my heart and told me what was amiss with the witch. How did these two youngsters know?

And now it is December 6, 2020. I sigh with relief. The book is done. Completed. Polished. Perfected. Printed. Ready for you all.

And quietly, I know that in my version of Hansel and Gretel, I have set my first witch free. May she not be the last.


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